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The Butcher of Norfolk

The blog I write is about reforming animal sheltering in the United States. It is about ending the systematic killing of animals in these pounds. But this particular blog isn’t about sheltering. This isn’t about the battle between the No Kill philosophy and its eventual conquest over regressive, kill-oriented approaches. This is about something more nefarious. This is about Ingrid Newkirk. This is about an animal killing, arrogant, disturbed person. And enough is enough.

Sheltering News from Around the Country

Another grisly year at PETA as 95% of dogs and cats are killed; Best Friends says it is time to hit the reset button on the HSUS policy of supporting the systematic killing of Pit Bulls in shelters; free copies of Redemption to elected officials, staff reporters for newspapers, and animal control directors; a turnaround in Los Angeles over spay/neuter vouchers; and building a No Kill Houston.

L.A. City Council Sheds Crocodile Tears

The Los Angeles City Council has moved to reinstate a spay/neuter voucher program the animal control agency eliminated in a round of budget cuts, calling it “key in creating a No Kill city and saving money.” The motion also calls for “a report on the success of the [mandatory] spay/neuter ordinance.” Both efforts are largely meaningless and will ensure that animals continue to be needlessly killed.

It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

In 1993, both the ASPCA and HSUS opposed a No Kill San Francisco. The ASPCA called it a “hoax” and the HSUS spent years trying to derail it through data distortion and a deliberate campaign of misinformation. Now, both the ASPCA and HSUS are trying to hinder success yet again. If ever agencies were blind to their own interests and bent on their own destruction, it is HSUS and the ASPCA.

More Shelter News From Around the Country

Los Angeles to kill more poor people’s pets, small humane society shows HSUS how to do things right, ASPCA and HSUS fearful of a No Kill San Francisco, and Building a No Kill Houston. More shelter news from around the country…

Will San Francisco Rise Again?

The following were my comments at a March 12, 2009 meeting of the San Francisco Animal Welfare Commission, as part of its “exploration of a policy that would ensure that no adoptable animal (including those that need medical and behavioral intervention but would be adoptable after that) is [killed] in San Francisco shelters.”

Did Wilkes County Dogs Get Gassed?

With the uproar over the Wilkes County massacre focusing on the systematic and needless killing of the 145 dogs and puppies, and the Humane Society of the United State’s shameless defense of it, there hasn’t been a lot of commentary on the cruel way the dogs probably died. Did the Wilkes County dogs get gassed? Except for the really young puppies, according to testimony at a County Commission meeting, the answer is probably, yes.

Sheltering News From Around the Country

The revolution marches on, following our conscience, volunteer rights, mandatory spay/neuter, abuse continues in Los Angeles, more Kudos for the Nevada Humane Society, and the irresponsible shelter.

The Revolution Marches On

The time has come for animal advocates to broaden their understanding of why animals are really being killed in shelters, to stop accepting the excuses which rationalize the killing, and to stop providing regressive shelter directors the political cover they need to continue killing. The animal protection movement must find the moral courage to stand up to shelters directors who refuse to change the way their shelters operate, to national organizations like HSUS which legitimize the killing, and also to the Naysayers in our midst who choose to ignore or remain willfully ignorant of that facts and champion defeatism by repeating the mantra, “It can’t happen here”.