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Sheltering News From Around the Country

An opportunity for a new direction in Los Angeles, No Kill level success comes to the San Francisco Bay Area, success in Kentucky, rethinking adoption screening, and No Kill Conference 2009.

Does HSUS Ever Learn? And More.

HSUS backs down over Indy’s pit bulls, shelter reform legislation introduced in Arizona, the 90% club grows, and a No Kill conference update.

Transforming Your Community

The first step to building a No Kill community is rebuilding your relationship with the community. And that is done by showing them that you are true to your mission. Two years ago, in January 2007, as part of a top-down assessment of the agency, I did a series of Town Hall-type meetings and surveys to determine how the Washoe County community felt about its shelter, the Nevada Humane Society. Today, public perception stands in sharp contrast to what it was.

Update: HSUS in Indianapolis and More…

UPDATE: The ink is barely dry on the “new” HSUS Pit Bull policy signed in Las Vegas, and yet the support of killing continues…

More News from Around the Country

HSUS is at it again, Dr. Hurley says animals are as disposable as cereal, what’s in a name?, letters with Wayne, increasing redemption rates, and off to Reno…

Las Vegas, Round 3

I am grateful that Best Friends challenged HSUS on the issue of seized Pit Bulls and tried to come up with a “win” for the dogs. I welcome the involvement of Best Friends in helping set HSUS policy and have very high regard for Best Friends employees working in this field. But, in the end, I have serious reservations about whether this will truly signal a substantive shift in HSUS policy and a lot of what HSUS said at the meeting is still very disturbing.

News from Around the Country

Increasing redemption rates, mission change in Houston, veterinarians should “do no harm,” One Nation Under Dog, giving away the store, and hey, can’t we all just get along? (Did I really say that? Yes!)

What Happens in Vegas…

Today is the day of the meeting between Wayne Pacelle and Pit Bull advocates in Las Vegas, ostensibly designed to avoid a repeat of the Wilkes County Massacre. We are all watching to see who will continue to give voice to our values and aspirations, and who will prove themselves irrelevant as we continue our march toward a No Kill nation.

Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (and Other Sheltering News)

That damnable Wayne Pacelle, PETA defends slaughter, Tompkins County honored, Houston recap, rethinking animal control contracts, and Gina the cat.

No Kill Day- April 1

Today is April 1. In my humble view, it is one of the most important days in the history of animal sheltering, right up there with the day Henry Bergh founded the first SPCA in North America. Fifteen years ago today, after months of negotiation, Richard Avanzino, then President of the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals signed the Adoption Pact, a memorandum of understanding between the SPCA and the city shelter that guaranteed a home for every healthy dog and cat in San Francisco. Each and every healthy dog and cat who entered the city’s pound would be saved – no matter how many there were or how long it took.