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In Their Own Words

In doing research for the first and then the second edition of Redemption, I amassed a large body of historical archives about the movement. And as I indicated in two prior posts, once the second edition was completed, I began packing away the material used to write the book. But as so often happens when you go through old items, you begin re-reading them. I also wrote that periodically, I’d release some of the material for posterity. Here’s more from the Redemption archives.

Debunking Pet Overpopulation

Too many animals, not enough homes? The numbers don’t add up that way.

No Kill News from Around the Country

Twitter, Austin demands No Kill, Redemption for Smiley, Tulare County’s cruel shelter manager, Collier County goes from bad to worse, More from the Redemption archives, Redemption’s second edition hits bookstores, future appearances, No Kill for Houston?, No Kill documentary wins award, and a big thank you for well wishers about my kitty, Gina.

From the Reno News Gazette

Nathan J. Winograd was brought in as a consultant to help Nevada Humane Society and Washoe County save more pets. His plans have been in effect for about two years now, and thousands more pets’ lives have been saved in Washoe County… By Mark Robison, Reno News Gazette.

It’s Here!

The most acclaimed book on animal shelters just got better. Redemption has been updated and expanded for 2009. And it is now available in stores.

From the Archives & More

HSUS says TNR is inhumane and illegal, PETA does not believe in right to life for animals, an animal rights group calls PETA’s defense of killing sickening, and the cost of saving lives.

The Killing of Puppy 43063

Pit Bull advocates across the country were closely following a recent trial in Virginia about whether Loudon County’s ban on Pit Bull adoptions was legal, given a provision of state law and the Attorney General’s opinion to the contrary. The case, Animal Rescue of Tidewater vs. Loudon County, Virginia ended in the County’s favor. The court held that banning the adoption of dogs deemed Pit Bull or Pit Bull-mixes did not violate the law. As a result, dogs someone says “look” like “Pit Bulls” or “Pit Bull-mixes” will continue to be killed without ever being made available for adoption.

Your American Animal Shelter

I just returned from Montcalm County, Michigan. While the Humane Society of the United States assures people that everyone in animal sheltering has “a passion for and are dedicated to the mutual goal of saving animals’ lives” and PETA says blaming shelters is like blaming hospitals for sickness, animal advocates in Greenville, MI know better.

Scotty, Beam These Studies Aboard!

A welcome addition to our arsenal in the battle for a No Kill nation, four new studies can help No Kill advocates make the case for lifesaving in their communities.

Building a No Kill Michigan

Join me in Greenville, MI this Saturday for a seminar on building a No Kill community.