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The Confederacy of Dunces

The Confederacy of Dunces is aligning themselves against me. In fact, the Confederacy will align themselves against anyone who seeks any progress in this movement. Ask anyone who has ever tried to build a better society, regardless of the field. The status quo always has its champions. And when that status quo is regressive, as the humane movement has been over the care and treatment of sheltered animals, rest assured the Confederacy will be also.

Hopes Fading for a No Kill S.F.

What would it take for San Francisco to become No Kill? Numerically speaking, it would mean bumping up the save rate a paltry 10%, or roughly 500 additional dogs and cats who are losing their lives at the hands of ACC staff each year. That would amount to just over one additional animal saved per day: either through adoption, or reclaim, or neuter/release of a feral cat.

And the Monster Went Free…

The most notorious animal abuser of our time was just given what he wanted most by being reinstated in the National Football League. I have to wonder how much Michael Vick played up his association with Wayne Pacelle and the Humane Society of the United States in his meetings with the Commissioner and others who held his fate in their hands. How he is now an HSUS spokesman. How the nation’s largest animal protection organization is now in his corner. How they forgave him, so why shouldn’t the NFL?

Raising the Bar

Some groups are suggesting we have to accept the inevitability of some killing of even friendly, healthy dogs in the case of the roughly 400 dogs and puppies seized from dog fighters and being held in a Missouri humane society. That viewpoint is defeatist and wrong. Our message: no more killing.

News from Around the Country

Ferris orders mass killing but ACO says “No,” shelter Directors kill dog and lies to cover it up, a shelter rejects its killing past, DNA testing to the rescue, the cost of saving lives, and jobs in Houston.

Demanding What We Have the Right to Expect

The Humane Society of the United States issued a statement today saying it is assisting in the care of the dogs seized in the recent multi-state dog fighting raid, but does not commit to actually saving their lives. Meanwhile, the Humane Society of Missouri reaches out to rescue groups, with preconditions. With the lives of roughly 400 dogs and puppies hanging in the balance, we must demand more…

Death in CA and other news

Is “the economy” to blame for increased killing? Do shelters drive people to a life of crime? More optimistic news from Missouri? Is it ethical to spay pregnant animals? And more…

Who is Ardena Perry?

They exist in every community. They claim to be animal advocates but they are promoters of death. They cannot be swayed by logic, facts, or alternative points of view. The Naysayers are those who have a predetermined agenda of support for animal control, regardless of how many animals the local shelter kills or how otherwise dysfunctional the agency is.

They Deserve More

The dogs seized last week as part of a multi-state rescue must be saved. While rescuing the dogs was crucial and for which we are all grateful, we must also demand a commitment to saving them. After all they have been through, the dogs deserve nothing less. And update: Humane Society of Missouri issues a statement that is a welcome change in tone from the ominous statements of others.

HSUS: Abused Dogs Should Face “Pretty Certain” Death

In a major bust of dog fighters in Missouri, almost 400 dogs await their fate at the local humane society: Will they be saved? Or will they be put to death? HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle is “pretty certain” they will–and should–be killed. This viewpoint should outrage the caring and compassionate dog lover.