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No Kill Down Under

There will be no blog updates until mid-October. In addition to my recent work in Houston, a project in the Northeast, the upcoming holiday release of my new book, and another book project I am working on, I am taking a long overdue break. This week, I am also leaving for Australia as part of the Australian invasion of the No Kill Equation.

The Mighty San Francisco SPCA Has Fallen

An exposé calls the San Francisco SPCA a “shell of its former self” and blames the agency for killing in city shelters; Animal commission takes up the call for shelter reform legislation.

Around the World in Soundbites

No Kill news from around the country and abroad.

Forcing Transparency

Getting records and statistics from public entities is supposed to be easy – we are a nation that prides itself on open government. We are a democracy, and – in theory at least – the people are the government, and have a right of access to all public records. In practice, it’s a little different.