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Our History Through Cartoons

A history of the no kill movement through political cartoons.

The Animals of NYS vs. Ed Sayres, ASPCA

The animals of NYS need your help now – even if you do not live in New York.

We Can Stop the Killing in NYS Shelters

Learn more about Oreo, Oreo’s Law, and how you can help.

Ed Sayres Threatens To Kill Oreo’s Law

Ed Sayres indicates he will see to it that Oreo’s Law is killed, as easily as he needlessly killed Oreo.

No Kill News From Around the Country

No Kill takes center stage as shelters announce unparalleled success.

No Kill Conference 2010

Last year’s No Kill Conference was the sold out, must attend event of the year. And it is happening again!

Biological Xenophobia

A more accurate description of “invasion biology” would be “biological xenophobia.”

Saving Lives 2.0

How technology is revolutionizing the No Kill movement

Building a No Kill Kentucky

Join me in Kentucky for an inspirational two-hour multi-media presentation followed by a book signing.

The Decade That Changed Everything

Most pundits have said “good riddance” to the last decade, proclaiming it one of the worst in recent history. From the standpoint of the No Kill movement, however, the last ten years were unparalleled in terms of success.