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On the Road

I will be offline and on the road until May 7.

Building a No Kill New Zealand

I am off to New Zealand as the No Kill revolution continues its global march.

Building a No Kill Georgia

Join me this Friday, April 16, in Douglasville, Georgia, for an inspirational two-hour multi-media presentation followed by a book signing for Irreconcilable Differences.

Jerome is Dead as ASPCA Turns its Back

Out of sight, out of mind, appears to be the motto defining Sayres’ tenure at the ASPCA, even if it means an animal is needlessly put to death.

Cats, Birds & The Law

Join me in Los Angeles on April 13 for a two-hour seminar on cats, predation, and the law at the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

The Tragedy of San Francisco

I left my heart in San Francisco. And the city broke it.