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It’s a Cookbook!

My newest book, written along with my wife, is coming to a bookstore near you in 2011. “It’s a cookbook!”

The Value of an Animal’s Life

Would you spend one minute of your time to save an animal’s life? You would. I would. So why is it too much to ask shelters to do so?

The Best Friends “Spin” Machine Goes Into Overdrive

Best Friends will not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Where Have You Gone Best Friends?

The hard and painful lessons from the fight for Oreo’s Law.

Oreo’s Law T-Shirts

Wear your heart on your sleeve and let people know where you stand on Oreo’s Law.

No Hope for the Animals Neglected at KCACC

After years of reports showing its animal shelter is incapable and unwilling to reform, the King County Council takes up another plan that offers more of the same.

Building a No Kill Washington

Join me this Saturday for an inspirational seminar on building a No Kill community.

Pledge Your Support

Help me support Minnesota’s premier No Kill shelter.

Rx for a No Kill L.A.

Los Angeles shelters can be No Kill. But the Mayor has not been willing to make it happen.