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No Kill Conference 2011

Save the date for the only national conference that says we can end the killing and we can do it today.

Thinking Out Loud About Prop. B

What will happen to the dogs above the 50-dog limit when Prop. B passes? It is now up to HSUS.

The Irrationality of Opposition to No Kill

Can anyone with even a hint of compassion actually say it is better to kill baby kittens than bottle feed them? Kill animals rather than promote adoptions? Kill animals rather than work with rescue groups? Of course not.

Pet Overpopulation, Puppy Mills, and Lessons from Proposition B

Even if every shelter embraced the No Kill philosophy and the programs and services that make it possible, even if no dog or puppy was killed in a shelter again, we’d still want to close down puppy mills.

Standing Tall in Washoe County

Mitch Schneider is the head of Washoe County Regional Animal Services in Reno, Nevada, which has a stunning 95% rate of lifesaving. I recently sat down with him to discuss his conversion from No Kill skeptic to true believer.

Building a No Kill Community

Join me in New Mexico on November 20 for an inspirational No Kill seminar.

Now on Facebook

I am now on Facebook.

Four Million Shelter Animals Want You!

What are the hallmarks of leadership? Why are they in critically short supply in shelter directors across the country? And why do YOU hold the key to a No Kill nation?


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