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No Kill Conference 2011

No Kill Conference 2011 will bring together the nation’s most successful shelter directors and animal lawyers to the only national conference that says we can end the killing and we can do it today. Registration for the No Kill Conference begins in January and it promises to be better than ever with new workshops and speakers.

The Hoarders of NYC

There is a form of hoarding that is very common; hoarding that is epidemic, endemic, and at crisis proportions; hoarding that systematically neglects, abuses, and kills animals, all the while denying there is a problem and laying the blame elsewhere.

The Long & Winding Road

I want to thank everyone who attended one of my seminars over the last several years and for believing, as I do, in the power of compassion to end the systematic killing of animals in “shelters.” A No Kill nation is within our reach.

Building a No Kill Community

Join me in Farmington, NM for an inspirational multi-media presentation followed by a book signing.

In Memory of Oreo

We can lessen the futility of Oreo’s death if we learn from it, and alter our society in such a way as to prevent it from ever happening again.

Fight the Power

It is time to stop deferring to those who would dare hold us back from what is our most ardent desire and what is the animals’ birthright: a No Kill nation.