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Thinking about the Unthinkable

Each paw represents an animals killed despite a rescue alternative in New York State.

TX Humane Legislation Group Opposes Humane Legislation

What’s in a name? The Texas Humane Legislation Network reveals not much, as an organization supposedly dedicated to “humane legislation” comes out in opposition to one of the most significant animal protection bills ever introduced in the state.

End “Convenience Killing” in Texas

A call to action! Groundbreaking legislation has been introduced in Texas.

The Great Abortion Non-Debate

The goal is not “no more animals being born.” The goal is, and has always been, “no more animals being killed.”

All American Vegan

With over 90 delicious recipes, nearly 200 illustrations, lots of jokes, and no vegetables, All American Vegan is veganism for the rest of us.

The Butcher of Norfolk (5th Edition)

In 2010, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) impounded 1,553 cats. They killed 1,507 and found homes for only 28. Another 9 were transferred to killing shelters and their fates are unknown. That’s a 97% rate of killing. In 2010, they took in 792 dogs and put 693 to death. They found homes for only 16, with 54 sent to killing shelters and their fates are unknown. That is, at best, an 88% rate of killing.


My first book, Redemption, has crossed the threshold. There are now over 100,000 copies in circulation worldwide.

Bear Witness to the Ugly Truth

Cruel, sadistic pound staff chant “kill the kitty, kill the kitty” while rescuers are turned away.

Legislating Doublespeak

HSUS is hard at work. Just not at helping animals.

Pride and Prejudice in Shelter Reform

The ASPCA’s shelter “reform” law contains a wink to shelters that they only have to follow it if they want to. And most do not or we wouldn’t need a law in the first place.