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Images That Will Haunt You Forever

Our shelter system is broken. And in too many places, these facilities are little more than badly mismanaged houses of horrors. And I have the pictures to prove it.

Building a No Kill Community

Join me this Saturday for an all-day Building a No Kill Community seminar.

Mandating Collaboration

Ten years of experience with rescue access legislation in California reveal that rescue groups can significantly increase the number of animals saved and significantly decrease shelter killing rates and expenditures

All Hail the Rescue Dog

NYS Legislator introduces law to make the rescue dog the official state dog.

Harnessing the Power of Our Democracy

The power of Rescue Five-0 is the power of you.

You Say You Want a Revolution?

The No Kill Advocacy Center and No Kill Nation are excited to announce the launch of their joint campaign to create a No Kill nation: Rescue Five-O.

A Tale of Three Books

Redemption, All American Vegan, and Kill Shelter Portraits will not disappoint.

I’m Not Ignoring You!

Though I am grateful for the number of Facebook pages based on my book Redemption, I am not officially involved with any of them.

Nature’s Melting Pot

The New York Times finally has an Op Ed piece about so-called “invasive” species that is not over-the-top fear mongering with the ethically bankrupt and inherently contradictory premise that we need to kill animals (and plants) in order to save animals (and plants) deemed more worthy.

Ending Shelter Tyranny Over Rescuers

Why rescue access laws are important and a key aspect of achieving and sustaining a No Kill nation.