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Get “Crazy”

All of the programs of the No Kill Equation, the programs that have revolutionized sheltering and brought death rates to all time lows were once dismissed as “crazy” by groups like HSUS.

Dogged Determination

Today, Austin is saving roughly 9 out of 10 dogs and cats entering its facility. There was a time when that would have been unthinkable.

End Convenience Killing in MN Pounds

The fight to reform the nation’s broken animal shelter system continues as Minnesota will become the latest state to introduce the Companion Animal Protection Act.

No Hope for Hope’s Law

A heartless group led by HSUS and the Texas Humane Legislation Network say “No” to collaboration, transparency, decency, and fairness.

Wish You Were Here

A postcard from the promised land.

The Fight for Patrick

A dog who captured the heart of a nation is in a tug of war for his future.

Understanding the Epidemic of Cruelty

Animal cruelty is epidemic in our nation’s “shelters.” Why?

Redemption Now Available as an E-Book!

Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation & The No Kill Revolution in America is now available as an e-book for your Nook, iPad, or other e-reader. You can purchase it on iTunes or the B&N Nook store. It will be available for your kindle on Amazon later this week.