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Memphis: A Public Trust Betrayed

If the Attorney General’s office fails to act, animals will continue to suffer, the taxpayers will continue to have their money squandered, and further criminal behavior will likely continue, while the City condones, rather than corrects widespread problems.

Size Matters, But So Does How You Use It

It’s time to make holding periods not just longer, but smarter.

Maddie’s Fund’s Parting Shot?

We’ve reduced killing from 17 million to 4 million. But the fight has just begun.

The Worst of the Worst

Nominate someone notorious for the Phyllis Wright Award, given to those who kill or advocate killing despite lifesaving alternatives.

To Wayne Pacelle Supporters: You Don’t Love Animals and You Know It!

There is no way to torture the definition of “love” enough to encompass an embrace of someone who is a killer, an apologist for killers, an accomplice to killing, a defender of abusive pounds, a thief, a bully, and a liar, with “crimes” against animals going back over 15 years.

Henry Bergh Leadership Awards 2011

The No Kill Advocacy Center has issued a call for nominations for the Henry Bergh Leadership Awards.

The Indictment of Wayne Pacelle

You are the judge and jury, and I will leave it to each and every one of you to decide whether you believe, as I do, that he is guilty of the allegations I’ve laid out. This is my case against Wayne Pacelle. And I am trying it in the court of public opinion.

The Court is Now in Session

When people think of the No Kill movement, few people think of Judge Rusty Newton. But they should.

The No Kill Revolution Starts with YOU

Someone has to do something about shelter killing. That someone is you.

Fixing Memphis’ Broken Shelter System

The prognosis for a No Kill Memphis is good, but only if officials are willing to hold the shelter’s leadership and staff accountable.