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The ASPCA’s Trojan Horse, Redux

Once again, the ASPCA and its progeny have convinced Rep. Amy Paulin to reintroduce Assembly Bill 5449 in New York as an alternative to real shelter reform.

Top Blogs of 2011

In 2011, I wrote 137 blogs. These are the ten most important ones.

Phyllis Wright Awards 2011

Named for the late-Phyllis Wright of the Humane Society of the United States, the matriarch of today’s “catch and kill” paradigm, the award is given to those who epitomize everything that is wrong with our broken animal “shelter” system.

The “Great Meddlers” of 2011

Five individuals were awarded the No Kill Advocacy Center’s Henry Bergh Leadership Award today for unwavering commitment to ending the systematic killing of animals in shelters.

What is True Euthanasia?

The animal lover’s unknowable question.

Forbes Magazine Calls Out ASPCA, PETA

Forbes just published 15 key insights from key thinkers in 2011. The ASPCA and its war on No Kill is 8.

The Great Meddlers of 2011

The No Kill Advocacy Center to Announce Henry Bergh Leadership Awards.

Reaching Higher

Last year’s groundbreaking No Kill Conference was the sold-out, must-attend event of the year. And the No Kill Advocacy Center is doing it again!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Kill Dogs

What the court decision in Medlen vs. Strickland teaches us about dogs, love, and who has our backs.

The Real ASPCA Challenge

A Shell Game, Hush Money, and the ASPCA’s Motivated Blindness in Austin.