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The Hoarding Card

What does hoarding have to do with rescue access laws and the No Kill movement? The answer is, not much.

A No Kill Nation for Just One Day

We need Arkansas, Hawaii, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Maine, Montana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Vermont to step up to the plate. Help us fill these remaining states on the map!

I Love New York(ers)

It was a beautiful sight, the united chorus of hundreds of animal lovers speaking truth to power. I was witnessing the No Kill movement all grown up.

Hayden Fights for the Hayden Law

Today, only one state has a holding period lower than California. Many animals are killed before their families have a chance to find them.

Building a No Kill Community

Come to the seminar that has been called “a prerequisite for animal lovers, rescue groups and organizations that are serious about changing their communities to No Kill.”

California Shelter Animals Under Attack

Rise, Californians. Rise and be heard before it is too late. Because if you don’t, the animals won’t stand a chance.

A Den of Abuse in NYC

Julie Bank’s tenure in New York City has been marked by neglect, abuse, needless killing, and vindictive retribution to those call it into question and want it to end. She has singled out for retribution the animal lovers in order to protect the animal abusers. And animals are suffering greatly.

Reaching Higher

A No Kill nation is within our reach…

It’s a Crime

Should shelters be allowed to kill animals? Americans say No.

Best Friends Wants You to Pat the Bunny

Why Best Friends is celebrating the architects of killing and those whose inept and uncaring leadership causes great animal suffering and cruelty.