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Q&A With Amy Paulin: A Primer for NY Advocates

Now is your chance to take your concerns directly to these champions of shelter killing and to educate the editorial board about how dangerous and deadly their legislation is.

The Butcher of Norfolk (6th Edition)

While the No Kill movement is having unparalleled success and with No Kill communities now dotting the American landscape—in California, Nevada, Michigan, Kentucky, New York, Texas, Virginia, and elsewhere—PETA continues to be little more than a slaughterhouse.

Friendly Fire

Coming this Summer.

March Madness

March is the time of year when PETA releases its annual killing statistics to the Commonwealth of Virginia, and we are made aware of how many animals the prior year fell victim to the malicious, relentless bloodlust of PETA employees.

Ed Sayres & His Proxies

Amy Paulin, Nancy Perry, & The ASPCA’s Effort to Turn Back the Clock on Animal Protection in NYS by 40 Years.

An Appeal to Right

In your own words, in your own way, please let her know how disappointed you are. Ask her to step in and protect the animals she is pledged to protect. Let her know that the fate of thousands of animals are in her hands and she must finally start living up to her responsibilities as ASPCA Board Chair.

A Most Dangerous Precedent

If the ASPCA and Assembly Member Amy Paulin get their way, feral cats can be exterminated immediately on intake in New York State shelters.

How You Can Help

Put away those check books. There are effective ways to join the No Kill revolution and help end the systematic and wholly unnecessary killing of animals in U.S. shelters.

Gone in 60 Seconds

An ASPCA sponsored quick kill bill in NYS eliminates the holding period for scared cats, feral cats, shy dogs, and traumatized animals by granting shelters the legal authority to kill animals for being in “psychological pain” immediately on intake. They could be killed within a minute of arrival. With this bill, the ASPCA is trying to not only stop rescue access, but to erode what few protections animals in shelters already have.

Building a No Kill Maricopa County

Join me in Phoenix, AZ, on Saturday, February 18, 2012 for a Building a No Kill Community seminar. Also join me on Tuesday, February 14 at 10:30 am MT for a 30 minute radio on NBC 96.1 FM.