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PETA Rattles Its Sabers

When you donate to PETA, you not only fund the killing of animals, you fund the intimidation of animal lovers.

It’s Even Better Than You Think

Perhaps we shouldn’t sell ourselves short in terms of how far we have truly come. Rather than talk about the 35 or so communities which are saving more than 90%, maybe we should be talking about what potentially is hundreds of No Kill cities and towns across America.

Tragedy in Austin

The claims that No Kill has failed in Austin being sounded by naysayers is greatly exaggerated. The question is whether the City rises to the challenge and commits itself to avoiding these problems in the future as it has proved time and time again in the past, it can.

Protecting Your Pets

Long before “voluntary” recalls were initiated in the latest round, the companies peddling their poisoned food knew about the problems. The FDA also knew. The only ones who didn’t know were us.

A National Day of No Kill

Help make June 11 the safest day for animals in shelters ever.

In the Arms of the Angel of Death

The ASPCA takes in $140,000,000 per year. It needed only spend $33.06 to save a kitten.

No Kill Numerology

Why is five the magic number? Why will it take an endless series of five year plans to achieve No Kill in New York City, to achieve a No Kill San Antonio, to achieve a No Kill Utah, to achieve a No Kill Atlanta, to achieve a No Kill Maricopa County, to achieve a No Kill Los Angeles, and to achieve a No Kill nation? Why five years, despite the fact that all of these communities are so different?

Building a No Kill Community

Join me in a City near you.