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Who’s the Birthday Boy?

There are many reasons why spaying a pregnant dog is wrong. Here’s one.

How to Become an AHA Certified Killer

Every year, AHA hosts “Euthanasia by Injection” workshops where shelter employees from across the nation come together to learn how to kill animals.

Friendly Fire is Coming

Friendly Fire uncovers the cruelty in our nation’s shelters and explains why the national organizations defend them.

A Day to Remember

Lessons from the single, safest day for homeless animals in shelters this century.

The Five Stages of PETA Grief

People who support PETA even after they learn about their mass killing and embrace of abusive shelters don’t love animals and they know it.

PETA’s Defense of Abuse & Killing

The more shelters that are brought into the 21st century, the more PETA loses the ability to hide behind a 19th century model of catch and kill sheltering. And they will not allow that to happen without a fight.


In November of 2009, ASPCA President Ed Sayres ordered the killing of Oreo, an abused…

A No Kill Nation for Just One Day

Over 700 shelters and other organizations, including some of the largest animal control shelters have pledged to make this the safest day for animals in shelters this century.

Not in the Public Interest

PETA does not represent the public interest nor do they represent the animals’ interests. They represent the interest of a deeply disturbed individual who has sought out and killed over 27,000 animals over the last decade.