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Redemption for Henry Bergh

After over 100 years of killing, the grassroots of the animal protection movement is finally waking up. Watch the trailer for a new documentary which will tell the story.

Reaching Higher

Lessons from the No Kill Conference.

NKLA Sweeps Feral Cats Under the Rug

Study, rhetoric, fundraising, but no solutions for feral cats. No more coalitions that say you can’t criticize those who allow the killing to continue, that delay lifesaving long enough for memories of bold promises to fade, that assume every community in every city takes five magical years to get to No Kill, and that have endless resources but refuse to use them fully for their intended purpose.

The Adjacent Possible

In the No Kill Conference keynote address, I welcomed attendees, shared our movement’s successes, described the increase in No Kill communities throughout the United States and indeed the world, and laid out the vision of the conference: reaching higher.

No Kill Conference 2012

No Kill Conference 2012, Just One Day, Happy Birthday to the No Kill Advocacy Center, Friendly Fire, and the Mayor of Kenny Town.