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The Butcher of Norfolk (4th Edition)

In 2009, PETA killed 97% of the animals it took in. It found homes for only 8 out of 2,366.

How Can We Help?

Two cats stuck on a power pole in two different cities highlight the good and ugly side of animal shelters.

Said the killing apologist to the killer

A writer for PETA gives a shelter director on the defensive for staggering levels of killing advice on how to attack No Kill generally, and me specifically.

Ed Boks E-Mails Reveal Mandatory S/N Law Failures

Despite public claims of success, recently uncovered e-mails show that Ed Boks knew that his much touted mandatory sterilization law was harmful to animals.

Building a No Kill Kentucky

Join me this Saturday, March 6, for an inspirational two-hour multi-media presentation followed by a book signing for Irreconcilable Differences.