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Community Cats… and Dogs

Whether the humane movement learns from this deeply tragic chapter in its history by refusing to allow these organizations to slow the acceptance of a better and brighter future for community dogs remains to be seen.

On the One Hand; On the Other

How do you celebrate progress when animals are still being harmed by the very same institutions?

For the Love of Cats, Rats, and Birds

A situation that calls for circumspection, rather than cavalierness, and human ingenuity rather than human violence.

Preserving Life; Protecting Families

Model legislation for smart, flexible holding periods.

Redemption: On Demand

Redemption, my film about the No Kill revolution in America, is now available for on demand streaming on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

A Small Act; A Big Ripple

Why rescuing an ant matters.

PETA’s Shell Game

PETA is rounding up healthy community cats and kittens and taking them to the police-run pound to be killed.

PETA, where are the missing animals?

PETA says it transferred animals to other shelters; but those shelters filed their own reports saying they didn’t take in any from PETA.

Rolling Back the Clock

These groups have become lobbyists for animal shelters, rather than lobbyists for the animals those shelters kill.