No Kill Advocacy Center

The No Kill Advocacy Center was founded in 2004 by Nathan Winograd. Nathan had created the nation’s first—and at the time, only—full-service No Kill community, saving not only dogs and cats, including community cats, but rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, horses, and others. There were no other national organizations exclusively dedicated to creation of a No Kill nation and certainly none with staff who had experience creating No Kill communities.

In 2005, when the No Kill Advocacy Center held its first No Kill conference, less than two dozen people attended. In 2012, the now annual event sold out at 860. In 2005, there was one No Kill community—the one created by Nathan. In 2013, hundreds of cities and towns across America have save rates better than 90% using the No Kill Advocacy Center’s No Kill Equation model of sheltering. In 2005, the No Kill Advocacy Center talked about the goal of saving at least 90%. In 2012, they weren’t satisfied with 98% as they explored what’s possible when we reach higher.

Moreover, the No Kill Advocacy Center’s influence is not only increasing, it is widening. Almost half of all attendees at the No Kill Conference (46%) came from shelters, including many municipal facilities subject to public acrimony over high rates of killing. They are increasingly looking to the No Kill Advocacy Center, and not traditional national organizations, because while they offer condemnation when it is deserved, they also offer solutions and assistance. If shelters want to save lives, they do not want antiquated dogmas which represent the past. And that can only mean good things as we collectively move toward our inevitable No Kill future.

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