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‘Shop, Don’t Adopt,’ says Former ASPCA CEO

Former ASPCA CEO Ed Sayres argues that people should ‘shop, not adopt,’ that pet stores protect public safety, that shelter dogs are a threat, and that pit bulls in particular are a bigger danger to Americans than jihadi terrorists.

A 10-Pack of Redemption

To assist you in your fight for No Kill in your community, Redemption, my film about the No Kill revolution in America, is now available in a 10-pack of DVDs.

What Shelters Owe Traumatized Animals

The newest free guide from the No Kill Advocacy Center.

Making Shelter Dogs Happy

Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy relationships. And sniff holes.

Legislating No Kill Delaware-Style

Delaware Animal Services, which provides animal control sheltering throughout the State of Delaware, saved 89% of cats, 93% of dogs, and 98% of other animals.

Best Day Ever

45,000 animals who otherwise faced being killed were adopted in a single day, emptying shelters across the country, erasing one week’s worth of killing in the U.S., and making it the safest day for homeless animals in America ever.

New Jersey 2015

Following nationwide trends, lifesaving is up in the Garden State.

Is Portland No Kill?

The short answer is no.

Lifesaving is Up in Michigan

The No Kill Advocacy Center, my organization, just finished analyzing sheltering statistics for the state of Michigan and I am glad to report that following nationwide trends, the percentage of animals leaving shelters alive increased over 2014.

Can we make fish happy?

We’re trying to give our rescued fish the best possible life, but I’m at a loss.