If you missed the national No Kill Conference in Washington D.C., you still have an opportunity to hear some of the speakers. On September 28, they will join me for a day-long conference on building No Kill communities in Austin, Texas including:

  • Bonney Brown and Mitch Schneider. Washoe County, NV takes in seven times the per capita rate of animals of New York City, four times the Los Angeles rate, and over two times the national average, but they are returning 65% of stray animals to their homes, adopting out over 1,000 animals per month, and saving 92% of animals year to date. Learn how they do it.
  • Michael Mountain. Mountain took a small sanctuary in the Utah desert and made it one of the best-funded organizations in the nation, with revenues of tens of millions per year. Learn how to talk to donors and raise needed revenues.
  • Mike Fry and Dr. Linda Wolf. Under Fry’s leadership, Prescott, Wisconsin and Hastings, Minnesota have become No Kill communities. Fry will talk about saving community cats and Wolf, Animal Ark’s dog behavior expert, will focus on saving dogs.
  • Dr. Ellen Jefferson. Under her leadership, Austin Pets Alive is helping lead a lifesaving initiative that has reduced deaths to all-time lows. She’ll show you how to implement creative outside the shelter adoption programs that save lives.
  • Susanne Kogut. Kogut runs the Charlottesville SPCA, animal control for Charlottesville and Albemarle County in Virginia. Charlottesville has been a No Kill community for over four years under her leadership. Kogut and her team foster over 1,700 animals per year. She’ll show you how you can too.

The day-long conference includes lunch and one-on-one time with the speakers at the No Host Bar reception following the presentations. In addition, all attendees will receive a free signed copy of Irreconcilable Differences: The Battle for the Heart and Soul of America’s Animal Shelters; as well as the No Kill Advocacy Center’s Building a No Kill Community packet CD which includes roughly 200 documents including policies and procedures, animal care guidelines, how-to guides, and more to help you succeed.*

The next 20 people who register will also received a signed copy of Redemption’s new edition, the award-winning book that has helped revolutionize sheltering around the world.*

The day-long conference is almost sold-out so register soon by clicking here.


* Must be present to receive.

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