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One of the primary goals of our recently released book, Friendly Fire, is to expose the fallacy which our nation’s large animal protection groups have perpetuated for decades: the myth that our nation’s shelters are a network of compassionate safe havens for homeless animals. As the movement to end shelter killing has grown in size and sophistication, the networking made possible through the internet and social media has allowed animal lovers to connect the dots between individual cases of animal cruelty and neglect in shelters nationwide. These incidents reveal a distinct pattern. Animal abuse at local shelters is not an isolated anomaly caused by “a few bad apples.” The stunning number and severity of these cases nationwide lead to one disturbing and inescapable conclusion: our shelters are in crisis.

Because recognizing that this problem exists and creating the public momentum needed to fix our shelters are essential to our movement’s success, we’re giving away the e-book version of Friendly Fire through this weekend. Regardless of whether 100 people download it or 100,000, it will be free on Amazon. Please encourage every rescuer, every shelter director, every public official, every reporter, every dog and cat lover to take advantage of this offer. Together, we can reform our shelters so that they reflect, rather than hinder, our values. And in doing so, we can help create a future every animal will be respected and cherished, and where every individual life will be protected and revered. —Nathan & Jennifer Winograd

To get your free copy of the e-book between now and the end of day this Sunday, click here.

In addition to Kindle, the e-book can also be read on smart phones, tablets or e-readers by downloading the free Amazon kindle app.


For more information on Friendly Fire, click here.

For a sample, click here.

Prefer books the old fashioned way? Although not free, you can purchase the paperback at cost by clicking here.


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In 2012, over one new community per week achieved a save rate of at least 90% and as high as 99%. The No Kill revolution is ON THE MARCH. Join me as we celebrate that achievement and teach you how to do the same:


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