Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours: Me, Jennifer, Riley, Will, Pickles, The Amazing Kenny, Popoki, Commander Seymour Higgins and Eileen. Our family vegan Thanksgiving menu is simple, traditional, iconically American, and oh so delicious. It is rooted in and inspired by Thanksgiving in middle America, the dinner we grew up eating every year, without the harm to animals. Our mashed potatoes are fluffy, our gravy is thick, our yams are covered with marshmallows, we’ve got crescent rolls that give the pillsbury doughboy a run for his money, a hearty turkey-flavored non-turkey, stuffed with stuffing, and, of course, pumpkin pie with whipped topping.

Photo credit from All American Vegan: a Norman Rockwell inspired Thanksgiving at the Winograds, updated for today’s modern family.


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