A bit of housekeeping. People have tried to reach out to me on Facebook, but they have done so on other pages such as No Kill Nation and No Kill Revolution and then claimed I never responded. Though I am grateful for the number of Facebook pages based on my book Redemption, I am not officially involved with any of them. (There are also community pages about me and my books.)

Though I occasionally comment on these pages–and my organization the No Kill Advocacy Center is partnering with No Kill Nation on a number of very exciting projects including the No Kill Conference–if you want to reach out to me on Facebook, my page is at facebook.com/nathanwinograd. (I also help administer the pages for the No Kill Advocacy Center and my upcoming book, All American Vegan.)

I wanted to make sure if people did reach out to me on Facebook, they did not think I was ignoring them as a number of people have suggested. Also, there has been some concern for positions taken on other pages and wanted to make sure people understood that any views expressed on those other pages are not necessarily mine.

Now, go to Facebook and join the discussion.

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