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Factory Farming Dogs

A comparative look at shelter and puppy mill dogs.

HSUS Celebrates the Killing of Animals

And pays people to eat them.

Colorado 2014

Overall, 89% of dogs were saved, 82% of cats were saved, 86% of birds, 82% of rabbits and other small mammals, 87% of reptiles, 85% of farm animals, and 77% of “other” animals.

Colorado 2015

86% of Colorado dogs were saved, 83% of cats were saved, 74% of birds, 87% of rabbits, 85% of “pocket pets” (other small mammals), 96% of reptiles, 83% of fish and “farmed” animals.

A Defense of No Kill in Both Word & Deed

A social, friendly kitten rescued off the street by a rescuer (and her dog) after…

Expanding the Circle

2015 saw the movement both expand the army of compassion and the circle of compassion.

Progress in Lifesaving 2015

2015 was also a banner year for saving lives, with animal shelters in cities and towns across America rejecting killing like never before.

Progress Against Abuse 2015

We obviously have a long way to go, but in 2015 our movement made significant progress toward tackling the abuse of animals: in puppy mills, in homes, in shelters, and on farms.

Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater

Where criticism of PETA gets it right and wrong.   This is Maya, playing with…

Did an Abused Monkey Pick Your Coconut?

Where there is a profit to be made on the backs of non-humans, those backs are strained and often broken.