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Factory Farming Dogs

A comparative look at shelter and puppy mill dogs.

HSUS Celebrates the Killing of Animals

And pays people to eat them.

Colorado 2014

Overall, 89% of dogs were saved, 82% of cats were saved, 86% of birds, 82% of rabbits and other small mammals, 87% of reptiles, 85% of farm animals, and 77% of “other” animals.

Colorado 2015

86% of Colorado dogs were saved, 83% of cats were saved, 74% of birds, 87% of rabbits, 85% of “pocket pets” (other small mammals), 96% of reptiles, 83% of fish and “farmed” animals.

Study: Shelter Dog Killing Drops Below 1 Million

But the conclusions the funders of the study are drawing from it are not only…

A Defense of No Kill in Both Word & Deed

A social, friendly kitten rescued off the street by a rescuer (and her dog) after…

Expanding the Circle

2015 saw the movement both expand the army of compassion and the circle of compassion.

Progress in Lifesaving 2015

2015 was also a banner year for saving lives, with animal shelters in cities and towns across America rejecting killing like never before.

Progress Against Abuse 2015

We obviously have a long way to go, but in 2015 our movement made significant progress toward tackling the abuse of animals: in puppy mills, in homes, in shelters, and on farms.

Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater

Where criticism of PETA gets it right and wrong.   This is Maya, playing with…