“An international animal rights organization believes the free-roaming cats that live under this borough’s boardwalk would be better off with a lethal injection than having to spend all their nine lives in the cruel outdoors.”

This is Big Red. Big Red is a community cat who lives in Seaside Heights, NJ. PETA is asking the mayor to round up Big Red and any others and kill them.

This is not surprising. Not only does PETA itself kill roughly nine out of 10 animals it takes in every year, including healthy puppies and kittens. Not only does PETA itself round up to kill animals (sometimes illegally). But it specifically targets healthy community cats for destruction.

Last year, for example, it rounded up cats in the neighborhoods surrounding its Virginia-headquarters and took them to local shelters for destruction. Among those killed in Virginia Beach were community cats as young as six weeks old, two six-month old kittens in “good” health, an eight-month old kitten in “good” health, and a 10-month old also described in “good” health. Eleven of the 17 cats killed were one year old or younger, five were between two and three years old, and the oldest was only six years old.

The same occurred in Norfolk, VA. Among those killed were cats and kittens whose condition is listed as “minor,” “feral,” “underage/underweight,” including lots of two month old, three month old, and four months old kittens who needed socialization, but were otherwise healthy.

That is why it is no surprise that PETA is applauding the decision by the mayor of Seaside Heights, NJ, to end the city’s support for community cat sterilization and urging the city instead to round up the cats and take them to local pounds.

The question of course is, “Why?”

Employees who have spoken out about PETA’s killing say it is the result of the deeply disturbing version of animal activism promoted by PETA founder and President, Ingrid Newkirk. They explain how employees are made to watch “heart wrenching” films about animal abuse to drill into them the belief that people are incapable of caring for animals and that “PETA was doing what was best for animals” by killing them. PETA tells its employees that people can’t, don’t, and won’t take care of animals, that the lives of animals with people is one of neglect and abuse and that living with dogs and cats violates their rights. PETA also claims that animals cannot live without human care, which is why they do not support letting free-living cats continue to be free-living. The animals are, in short, damned either way and thus killing them is a “gift.”

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