Peta death kit

The PETA field killing kit found by police in the back of a PETA death van.

URGENT: Your Help Needed to Stop Legislation Which Would Allow PETA to Continue Killing Thousands of Animals Every Year.

At the behest of PETA, Virginia Delegate Bobby Orrock has just filed three bills to repeal SB 1381, a law passed last year designed to put PETA out of the killing business. That law, which required that Virginia shelters be “operated for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes” was designed to force PETA specifically, and private shelters generally, to do what the public already thinks “shelters” do: find homes for the animals they take in rather than kill them, as PETA currently does with thousands of animals every year, including healthy puppies and kittens and animals they have stolen from their families. Failure to do so would result in revocation of PETA’s license to operate a shelter.

Orrock’s legislation, HB 156 and HB 340, repeal that provision of SB 1381 by allowing “shelters” to be organized solely for the purpose of killing animals, with no requirement that they try to find animals homes.

Orrock’s third bill, HB 157, removes the power of the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (VDACS), which oversees shelters in Virginia, to revoke a shelter’s license, even if they violate regulations governing the conduct of those shelters.

If HS 156, HS 157, or HB 340 pass, PETA will be allowed to continue killing thousands of animals a year with impunity, while other regressive shelters will have no legal incentive to follow the law and do their job of rehoming lost and stray animals.

What are the chances of success for these devastating bills?

Despite PETA’s intense lobbying effort to derail SB 1381 last year, the votes were not even close: 95 to 2 in the House and 35 to 1 in the Senate and the Governor signed it into law. Why? At the time, media coverage about Maya – the beloved chihuahua captured on video being stolen from her porch by PETA which later admitted it illegally took and killed her – was intense, and Virginia residents, concerned for the lives of their pets at the hands of PETA’s roaming death squads and the lives of other animals, made their voices heard. The legislation designed to stop them from stealing and killing Virginia’s animal companions had massive public and political support.

This time, PETA is using donor funds to hire as many as seven lobbyists for Orrock’s bills (two directly and as many as five more for PETA shills), and unless Virginia residents speak out as they did last time, there is a good chance PETA will prevail. Thousands of lives every year hang in the balance as Orrock’s bills are designed to let PETA get away with murder. They will also set back the welfare of animals entering Virginia private shelters generally, as Orrock’s bills grant them the legal authority to kill animals without any effort at adoption and even to neglect and abuse them by eliminating the power of VDACS to revoke their shelter license if they do so. We must fight back.

What you can do to protect the animals of Virginia.

The only thing that can prevail against seven hired guns is the power of the people. If you live in Virginia, please contact your legislator and ask him/her to vote No on HB 156, HB 157, and HB 340. You can locate your delegate by clicking here.

In addition, please POLITELY tell Delegate Orrock that his bills will cause the deaths of thousands of animals every year and he should withdraw them:
(804) 698-1054


Delegate Bobby Orrock
General Assembly Building
P.O. Box 406
Richmond, VA 23218

Here’s sample language:

Last year, after PETA was caught on videotape stealing a healthy, beloved dog from her porch and then later admitting to immediately killing her, the people and politicians of Virginia made their will clear: with overwhelming bipartisan support, SB 1381 passed – a bill designed to put PETA out of the killing business by making it illegal for Virginia shelters to do little more than kill homeless animals rather than find them homes. This year, you have introduced three bills seeking to overturn this important animal protection law, placing some the state’s neediest animals in mortal peril.


Your bills, HB 156 and HB 340, eviscerate SB 1381 by allowing “shelters” to be organized solely for the purpose of killing animals. With no requirement that they try to find animals homes, HB 156 and HB 340 are a cynical and devastating attempt to do nothing more than grant PETA the right to continue killing thousands of animals every year. But they will also grant other private shelters carte blanche to do the same. No longer will the law require private shelters to do the job the good people of Virginia expect and donate to them to do: rehome lost and stray dogs and cats with compassion and dedication.


Your third bill, HB 157, removes the power of the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services which oversees shelters to stop a shelter from killing even if that shelter violates regulations governing the conduct of those shelters. It, too, is a cynical and devastating tool to allow private shelters generally, and PETA specifically, to act lawlessly in order to strip the state’s most vulnerable animals of vital, lifesaving protections.


Please withdraw these devastating, anti-animal bills immediately, and stop cozying up with an organization seeking the legal authority to round up and kill thousands of healthy Virginia animals every year, including puppies, kittens and animals stolen from their families.

If you do not live in Virginia, please share with those who do.

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