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PETA: ‘cats better off dead’

“An international animal rights organization believes the free-roaming cats that live under this borough’s boardwalk would be better off with a lethal injection than having to spend all their nine lives in the cruel outdoors.”

For the Love of Cats, Rats, and Birds

A situation that calls for circumspection, rather than cavalierness, and human ingenuity rather than human violence.

PETA’s Shell Game

PETA is rounding up healthy community cats and kittens and taking them to the police-run pound to be killed.

Should We TNR Dogs?

Read my article in The Huffington Post.

D.C. Cats & Wildlife Still Under Threat

Agency proposes combination of “non-lethal and lethal control measures” to rid D.C. of cats, geese, and deer.

PETA: Feral cats are better dead than fed

Yesterday, I reported how PETA is trying to kill pit bulls in shelters across the country. Now they are trying to ensure that “feral” cats continue to be killed in New York.

In Defense of Cats, Geese, and other D.C. Inhabitants

Washington, D.C. is not only considering a plan to round up and kill thousands of cats, but it is proposing a wholesale slaughter of geese and other animals, as well as trees and plants. On September 18, a City Council committee will take the issue up and my letter, written on behalf of the No Kill Advocacy Center, opposing the plan is here.

PETA Joins Hunters in New York to Declare Open Season on Cats

PETA has once again shown its true colors, this time aligning itself with a hunting organization in order to promote the round up and killing of community cats.

TNR: Good News & A Cautionary Tale

A new computer modeling study adds to an already significant body of literature showing that neuter and release of community cats is effective.

A study shows TNR not only saves cats, it saves dogs, too

And they didn’t get trapped, neutered, or released.