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Do we have to feed animals to other animals?

We can avoid doing so and as a society, we invariably will. Reprinted from The…

RIP Cosmic Giant

Richard Gregory has died. During his life, he fought against segregation, disenfranchisement, racism, gender equality,…

The Soylent Affair

I’ve been vegan for 26 years. In fact, I’m an All American Vegan. And I’ve…

The End of the Slaughterhouse

Rescued chickens are dressed up to protect them from the cold. Soon, dressing up a chicken…

Are Coconuts Vegan?

It seems like a silly question, since a coconut is a fruit (technically, it’s a drupe), but…

Did an Abused Monkey Pick Your Coconut?

Where there is a profit to be made on the backs of non-humans, those backs are strained and often broken.

Wilbur, Oswald, You & Me

Wilbur is as much a dog as Oswald is and Oswald is every bit the pig that Wilbur is.

VegNews’ Great Hypocrisy

Public anger over the killing of Cecil has driven calls for prosecution, shut down the poacher’s dental practice, caused the U.S. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife to offer assistance in prosecuting the poacher Walter Palmer to the Zimbabwean government, and renewed calls for an end to “big game” hunting. But VegNews is admonishing people for doing so.

AHA’s Great Betrayals

A horse injured while filming for a movie. AHA certified that “no animals were harmed” even…