Under siege since his callous killing of Oreo, an abused dog who survived being thrown off a rooftop in Brooklyn but could not survive the “rescue” by the ASPCA, ASPCA President Edwin J. Sayres is fighting legislation that would make it illegal for shelters to kill animals a qualified non-profit organization is willing to save. The law is named after Oreo, and threatens to memorialize for all time her betrayal at his hands.

According to inside sources, Sayres is seeking a report to “claim” that California’s Hayden Law, upon which Oreo’s Law is based, is harmful to animals. In the process, he is not only attempting to stall progressive legislation in New York, but he is threatening to turn legislative progress back by more than a decade in California, threatening the lives of animals on both coasts.

Adding further insult to injury, a source close to the ASPCA also reports that Sayres will also commission a survey of rescue groups in New York State to “prove” that they already have access to animals. However, the source reports that they will only talk to rescue groups recommended by New York kill shelters in order to arrive at the pre-determined conclusion. Rescue groups that are denied animals because of the arbitrary policies of shelters and which would provide substantial proof of the need for the law will not be allowed to participate.

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