I am happy to report that the price of all four of our books are now under $10, including the new second edition of our cookbook, which used to have a retail price of $29.95. In the book industry, books go through an agent, a publisher, a wholesaler, and a distributor, each person taking a chunk before it gets to the bookstore, driving up the cost of books. Since then, the publishing industry has undergone a radical transformation to e-books and with the dominance of online retailers like Amazon and the bankruptcy of Borders, that model no longer makes sense.

Following the advice of authors and business bloggers like Seth Godin, we published Irreconcilable Differences and Friendly Fire through Amazon. No middle men, no mark up, just author to seller at the lowest possible price with great customer service. That has also allowed us to sell Friendly Fire at cost (with no mark-up/profit), reduce the price of all books, and even give away close to 10,000 free copies.

We’ve now taken Redemption and All American Vegan away from the traditional channels and signed on exclusively with Amazon. Although they will no longer be available in bookstores, that means the price has come down significantly: all under $10. The e-books versions of all these books are only $3.99. If you buy an actual physical book, you also get it as an e-book for free. You can also “borrow” the e-book for free through Amazon’s lending library. And periodically, we’ll be able to offer them for free



The second edition of All American Vegan is now on sale exclusively though Amazon. Not only has the price come down from $29.95 (hardcover, first edition) to only $9.95 (paperback, second edition), but it has been expanded to include money saving tips, the myth of humane meat, a dining out guide, and more.

Full of delicious recipes, shopping, cooking and baking tips, as well as philosophy, trivia and humorous observations regarding the increasingly popular but frequently misunderstood vegan lifestyle, All American Vegan is the vegan cookbook San Francisco Book Review called “hilarious,” “entertaining,” and a “pleasure to read.” Inspired by the philosophy that the more familiar vegan food is, the easier being vegan becomes, All American Vegan is brimming with over 90 delicious recipes for veganized versions of America’s most popular dishes, including mac and cheese, BLTs, cinnamon rolls, onion rings, pancakes, “tuna”-melts, pudding, parfaits, apple pie a la mode, chocolate cake and a fried “chicken” that one reviewer said was so good it brought tears to his eyes.

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