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The Puerto Rico House of Representatives is working on an analysis pursuant to House Resolution 1024 which orders the Municipal and Regionalization Affairs Commission to undertake an exhaustive investigation concerning free-living animals throughout the archipelago, with the purpose of identifying and developing a plan to address these animals. Public hearings will be held in March. Of course, it is imperative that only No Kill programs and services be implemented.

On behalf of the No Kill Advocacy Center,  I asked them to legislate non-lethal policies at Puerto Rico shelters with a focus on adoption, offer free, high volume sterilization, promote neuter and release as an alternative to killing of free-living animals, and ban the gas killing of animals.  As Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, if you would like to participate, you can send your polite and thoughtful No Kill (No Matar) message  to the attention of The Hon. José Rodríguez Quiles, Commission of Municipal Affairs and Regionization here:

Photos: A soon-to-be mama dog was found living on a beach in Puerto Rico. According to her rescuer, “She was obviously very pregnant” and “had already dug a large hole where she continued to paw” presumably to have her puppies in it. While the local shelter would have gassed her and the local spay/neuter group would have done a dangerous late-term spay, risking her safety and killing every one of her puppies in the process, the rescuer took her home to have and wean her puppies. She immediately had 10 of them. Mama dog, now Luz María, and her little ones are all doing fine. And as you can see in the last photo, Luz María  has found her sparkle.

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