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Holding Period Legislation

From the No Kill Advocacy Center.

Legislating a Double Standard

HSUS, Maddie’s Fund, the ASPCA, UC Davis, the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program, and other cat “protection” groups and cat “advocates” believe your love and your relationship with your cat are meaningless and are not worth even a single day to find him/her if she gets lost.

The Death of 100,000 Animals

Today is the four year anniversary of the ASPCA’s killing of Oreo, an abused dog,…

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

A critical assessment of the “California Sheltering Report.”

Shelter Killing Benefits Puppy Mills

Widespread No Kill success in our nation’s shelters would not only save the lives of almost four million animals every year, it—combined with legislative efforts to regulate, reform, close down, and eliminate their markets—would drive a dagger to the heart of the puppy and kitten mill industries. And yet HSUS, the ASPCA and PETA fight our efforts to reform shelters.

The Company Man

Meet the new ASPCA boss, same as the old ASPCA boss.

What’s In A Name?

What’s in a Name? from the No Kill Advocacy Center will allow legislators and policy makers to understand why groups like HSUS, the ASPCA and PETA oppose badly needed shelter reform legislation.

No More Empty Suits

A letter to the ASPCA Board of Directors.

The ASPCA Allows Dogs to Starve

An expose by a local news station has uncovered that its humane law enforcement division is allowing abused animals to die all over New York City.

Oreo and 60,858 Others

Today is the three-year anniversary of the ASPCA’s killing of Oreo. Since the ASPCA killed Oreo and then killed Oreo’s Law, legislation which would have made it illegal for NYS shelters to kill animals when rescue groups were willing to save them, 60,858 animals who had an immediate place to go have been killed.