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Rolling Back the Clock

These groups have become lobbyists for animal shelters, rather than lobbyists for the animals those shelters kill.

In Defense of “Keyboard Advocates”

By advocating with a keyboard, we can change hearts, minds, laws, and policies.

Best Friends Drops the Ball in Wisconsin

Seeks to weaken protections for shelter animals.

Frankenstein’s Monster

Ed Sayres, the former president of the ASPCA, has been hired by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, an industry lobbying group that supports puppy mills and fights animal protection legislation to curtail the abuse and sale of puppy mill dogs. This news is no surprise.

NKLA Sweeps Feral Cats Under the Rug

Study, rhetoric, fundraising, but no solutions for feral cats. No more coalitions that say you can’t criticize those who allow the killing to continue, that delay lifesaving long enough for memories of bold promises to fade, that assume every community in every city takes five magical years to get to No Kill, and that have endless resources but refuse to use them fully for their intended purpose.

Best Friends Wants You to Pat the Bunny

Why Best Friends is celebrating the architects of killing and those whose inept and uncaring leadership causes great animal suffering and cruelty.

A Blank Check

How much killing is acceptable to you? How many deaths are you willing to allow them before you draw the line?

Rise, Sleeping Giant

A seminal moment in time, a fight for the future, and once again, we must ask: will Best Friends ever rise to the occasion?

Citing Best Friends for the Right to Kill Animals

The Fight for the Minnesota Companion Animal Protection Act.

The Care & Cleaning of an Ancient Relic

Even cleaning is never dull in the Winograd household as a dusty framed article takes on rich, political meaning.