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Rise, Sleeping Giant

A seminal moment in time, a fight for the future, and once again, we must ask: will Best Friends ever rise to the occasion?

Citing Best Friends for the Right to Kill Animals

The Fight for the Minnesota Companion Animal Protection Act.

The Care & Cleaning of an Ancient Relic

Even cleaning is never dull in the Winograd household as a dusty framed article takes on rich, political meaning.

Thinking about the Unthinkable

Each paw represents an animals killed despite a rescue alternative in New York State.

What Happens to the Dream Merchant When the Dream Becomes a Reality?

History has much to teach us about the large, national organizations who undermine our cause.

Guilty, Until Proven Innocent

When it comes to empowering the grassroots, power never concedes without a fight.

Best Friends Tells Rescuers to Shut Up

Rescuers either play by Best Friends’ rules or the animals be damned.

With “Best Friends” Like These…

The ink is not even dry on the newly introduced Oreo’s Lawand Best Friends has already indicated they will not support it. With “best friends” like these…

The Hoarders of NYC

There is a form of hoarding that is very common; hoarding that is epidemic, endemic, and at crisis proportions; hoarding that systematically neglects, abuses, and kills animals, all the while denying there is a problem and laying the blame elsewhere.

The Value of an Animal’s Life

Would you spend one minute of your time to save an animal’s life? You would. I would. So why is it too much to ask shelters to do so?