Countering the Opposition


The newest tool from the No Kill Advocacy Center: Countering the Opposition.

As animal lovers work to end the systematic killing of animals in their community “shelters,” the entrenched opposition—both shelter directors themselves and their allies at animal protection organizations—invariably respond to demand for reform with the following excuses: “It’s pet overpopulation,” “It’s the irresponsible public’s fault,” “No Kill is too expensive,” “No Kill threatens public safety,” “We tried No Kill, but it doesn’t work,” “No Kill leads to warehousing,” “Open admission shelters cannot be No Kill,” and more.

Countering the Opposition  will show you how to respond to these false claims with the truth. To print or download it for FREE, click here.

For other free guides, visit the No Kill Advocate’s Toolkit by clicking here.


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In 2012, over one new community per week achieved a save rate of at least 90% and as high as 99%. The No Kill revolution is ON THE MARCH. Join me as we celebrate that achievement and teach you how to do the same: