I do not draw a regular salary from The No Kill Advocacy Center. And in order to help the largest number of animals, I consult with shelters for free and on a pro bono basis, assist rescuers and volunteers who have been retaliated against, draft lifesaving legislation for elected officials, and file and defend groundbreaking legislation. I’ve also made my documentary film available on YouTube and sell my books at cost.

If you choose to support me in these and other efforts, I promise to leverage that support to continue being a potent a force for good for our animal companions. I will continue to be a dedicated, principled voice that holds our movement accountable not only to its highest ideals and loftiest of rhetoric, but more importantly, to measurable, concrete results for our animal friends, as well.

Here are some of those results:

  • When I started, mass killing in shelters was the norm. There was only one No Kill community in the U.S., the one I created in central New York. Thankfully, that is not true anymore. Today, tens of millions of Americans from coast to coast live in communities served by shelters that have dramatically increased the numbers of lives saved, with placement rates as high as 99%+. Its been called “the single biggest success of the modern animal protection movement.” And while these communities share very little in common geographically, economically, and demographically, what they do share is how they achieved success — by embracing the No Kill Equation, my revolutionary approach to animal sheltering.
  • As an attorney, I’ve worked on and filed several lawsuits that advanced the rights of animals and gave voice to rescuers and volunteers — such as applying a then-little known 19th Century Ku Klux Klan Act to protect shelter volunteers and rescuers from retaliation — but don’t take any fees.
  • I’ve written and/or led the effort to pass local, state, and national legislation, saving tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of animals every year, reducing killing in communities and states by as much as 90%, and did it — and continue to do it — for free. In California, for example, 85,000 additional animals are being saved every year because I’ve helped make it illegal for shelters to kill animals when rescue groups are willing to save them. Another of these laws, for example, was recently passed in Rosenberg, TX. It requires community cats to either be adopted, transferred to a rescue group, or returned to their habitats instead of killed. It allows community cat caretakers to reclaim an impounded community cat without fee if sterilized or for purposes of placing the cat in a TNR program. It only allows trapping of community cats for sterilization, providing needed veterinary care, adoption, transfer to a rescue group, or reunification with his/her human family. It provides for needed veterinary care for sick or injured cats. And it exempts community cats and their caretakers from any leash law requirements, licensing laws, and pet limit laws.
  • My work has resulted in No Kill communities all over the country and in countries as far away as New Zealand. I don’t get paid for helping those communities, for writing their protocols, by improving their placement rates to as high as 99.5%, by helping them when they need it and holding them accountable when that is what the situation calls for.
  • As an investigative journalist, I’ve uncovered corruption in some of the largest, best funded, and best known “animal protection” organizations in the nation and earned important legal victories for that work, including a groundbreaking ruling extending reporter shield privileges to non-traditional media.

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Together, not only will we save lives; we will create a future where every animal will be respected and cherished, and where every individual life will be protected and revered.

Thank you.