End “Convenience Killing” in Rhode Island

A call to action! Groundbreaking legislation has been introduced in Rhode Island. The bill would make it illegal for shelters in Rhode Island to kill animals if rescue groups are willing to save them, and unless and until:

  • The holding period for the animal has expired; and
  • There are no empty cages, kennels or other living environments in the shelter suitable for the animal; and
  • A foster home is not available through another municipal or private animal shelter or Rhode Island incorporated animal organization; and
  • Another municipal or private animal shelter or Rhode Island incorporated animal organization is unwilling to accept the animal; and
  • The animal care or control manager of the animal shelter has certified that the above conditions have been met and that he/she has no other reasonable alternative

The law is based on a section of the Companion Animal Protection Act, model legislation from the No Kill Advocacy Center. Versions of CAPA have been passed in California and Delaware and have been introduced in Texas. It is already facing opposition from shelters and their apologists who call it “labor intensive.” In short, they do not want to have to work hard or do their jobs even though that is the job entrusted to them by the animal lovers of Rhode Island and it would mean animals live, instead of die.

Animal lovers should contact members of the Rhode Island Senate Committee on Environment and Agriculture and encourage a “Yes” vote. For contact information, click here.

To read the bill, click here.