End “Convenience Killing” in Texas

A call to action! Groundbreaking legislation has been introduced in Texas. The Texas Companion Animal Protection Act, would, among other things:

  • Ban the gas chamber;
  • Make it illegal for shelters to kill animals if rescue groups are willing to save them;
  • End “convenience killing” (killing when there are empty cages); and,
  • Require shelters to be truthful about how many animals they kill.

The law is based on model legislation of the same name from the No Kill Advocacy Center and mandates the programs and services which have ended the killing in communities nationwide. Versions of CAPA have been passed in California and Delaware.

It is expected to face opposition from shelters who do not want public scrutiny and the large, national allies who protect and defend them.

Texas animal lovers should contact members of the Texas House of Representatives Public Health Committee and urge a “Yes” vote. To do so, click here.

To learn more about the Texas CAPA, including what you can do, click here.