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Dear PETA Employees,

A few days ago, I posted an article entitled “The (Death) Cult of PETA.” Based on photographs, documents, newspaper accounts, court records, testimonials, interviews with 10 PETA employees who described, in detail, its inner workings, and several high profile cases in which PETA has been caught killing and even stealing animals, it is clear to me that PETA is an animal rights organization in name only, a name which masquerades and enables their true agenda of systematically seeking out thousands of animals every year in order to poison them to death. It is a goal they accomplish by not only manipulating animal activists who go to work for that organization into becoming killers, but by intimidating them into remaining silent about the atrocities against animals going on behind closed doors.

Sadly, though the information contained in my article is damning, what prevents the message contained within it from reaching a wider audience is the fact that each of the PETA employees I have spoken to insists on maintaining their anonymity. While the individuals who contact me relay deeply disturbing facts which haunt them, only one person—Heather Harper-Troje—has ever attached her name to public allegations, a former employee who worked for the agency years ago. And while  the facts she recounts about how that organization works  are no different that  the facts recounted to me by recent employees, the amount of time that has passed since her employ limits the impact of her message, which is why  she has recently posted a plea imploring other PETA employees to go public as she has. Explaining that former employees have far more to personally gain by speaking out than they do by remaining dumb, she implores other employees to abandon the same fear that kept her silent, and complicit, for far too many years.

As Harper-Troje has discovered to be true for her, you have everything to gain from exposing the truth and PETA has everything to lose. The people who run PETA are bullies, and like all bullies, they operate by instilling fear; a fear that is often based on the illusion that the retaliation they are capable of inflicting is far worse than it actually is. In other words, their power over you ends the moment  you  decide it does.

For how can their attempts to discredit you as a disgruntled employee maintain their believability when you are not one but many? How can PETA’s claim that everyone who exposes them is lying maintain its credibility when a chorus of people are recounting the same story? There is untold strength and power in public PETA mutiny, a fact which no doubt keeps those at PETA responsible for the killing up at night. For even today, an employee reports that some managers are on a hair-trigger as the public façade, the lies, and the crimes against animals for which PETA is  responsible unravel in public. For the more of you there are, the less animal activists and donors who support PETA can justify that support when it causes their friends, family and colleagues to question their own morality for continuing to do so in light of your testimony. And the more of you who speak out, the more you will embolden others to come forward, too.

So contact Norfolk media, tell them you want to tell your story, then tell it without fear of reprisal, in the same tradition as other whistleblowers in history responsible for stopping evil by summoning the courage to expose it. Band together with other PETA employees and hold a press conference and recount what you know to be happening at that organization. Write blogs, release photos, recount your experiences, consent to interviews with the media, tell us the facts, speak the truth, but most important of all,  use your names. Understand that PETA has far more reason to fear you than you have to fear them, for they are the ones who are behaving unethically and in seeking to stop them, you are the one behaving morally.

Moreover, understand that which those of us who have criticized PETA for many years long ago discovered: that for all their saber rattling and threats of litigation, those of us who have publically attacked them have paid no price at all, at least not one that matters when considered in light of what is at stake for the animals.  Threats of litigation against us—against me—by PETA attorney Jeff Kerr  have proven hollow, a bark with no bite, for he knows that mounting a defense would allow me to subpoena documents, compel witnesses to testify under penalty of perjury, expose the malfeasants  he is paid to protect, and put the inner workings of the “exam room” on display for all to see, thereby revealing facts that would be utterly damning to the PETA cult. In short, the impotent Kerr knows PETA critics are telling the truth  and  truth is a defense against libel.

So fight back against PETA managers who corrupted your purpose, who asked for your cooperation as they betrayed everything you once claimed to believe in and who even asked you to participate in harming those whom you once chose to dedicate your career to protecting. Strip the few who harm animals of the ability to do so as a result of the collective silence of the majority, and help me and other animal activists working to protect the thousands of animals every year who will continue to die at the hands of PETA every year.

The animals need YOU.


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