“It was like the sun had been behind a cloud for years, and it came out…”  

Can a handful of people change the world for animals even in the face of entrenched opposition? You bet they can.

Watch the video above and then read:

Learn how other people have done the same in their own communities: in Austin, Texas, in Shelbyville, Kentucky, in over 50 communities representing hundreds of cities and towns across America.

And then do the same in yours:

From Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World:

We were an engineer, a retired school teacher, a librarian, an archivist, a newscaster, a lab technician, a veterinarian, a retired secretary, a few grad students, a paralegal, an Army reservist, a couple of future veterinarians, a Schutzhund enthusiast, and more. I look back and marvel at how badly we were treated despite the considerable skills we collectively possessed and everything we had to offer. Shelter killing makes for some insane situations, and a disregard for basic human decency is one of them.

From Friendly Fire:

Today, we are a movement in transition, struggling to reach our fullest potential by overcoming internal forces that for years have prevented progress and substantive action behind what until now has been mere empty rhetoric. The battle now raging within the animal protection movement is a battle not of degree, but of kind—evidence of hopelessly incompatible contradictions within the movement itself: one championing death, and the other, life. This tension is vital to help the movement reclaim the spirit, determination and goals of its early founders. And it will end only when the need to distinguish between “No Kill” and “the animal protection movement” no longer exists, because both sides will have finally become what they should have been all along: one and the same.

As you move confidently into that future, prepared to meet the challenges, ready to fight when that is what the situation calls for, your allegiance never wavering from the animals, know that you are not alone. Know what was once called “impossible,” and then “improbable,” is now “inevitable.” To see what the future holds requires nothing more than a motivating backwards glance to see that you are truly standing on the shoulders of giants. We are continuing the struggle to build a more perfect union. And we’ve already come so far.

At this bright new dawn, let us seize the day…



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