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Good Homes Need Not Apply

When people decide to adopt from a shelter—despite having more convenient options such as buying from a pet store or responding to a newspaper ad—they should be rewarded.

Is HSUS Changing? And, If So, Into What?

A Look at HSUS’ Embrace of “Open” Adoptions.

The Lie at the Heart of the Killing

The myth of pet overpopulation.

Top Blogs of 2011

In 2011, I wrote 137 blogs. These are the ten most important ones.

No Fee Adoptions, Shelter Killing, and the Death of Valerie

Valerie, a dog adopted from a shelter during a no-fee adoption event, has ended up…

Ask Me Anything: Breeding Edition

I get a lot of questions and comments about animals on a wide variety of…

In Defense of Puppy Mill Rescuers (With Caveat)

A Policy Discussion About The Washington Post’s Bombshell Report Jack, purchased at auction by National…

Study: Shelter Dog Killing Drops Below 1 Million

But the conclusions the funders of the study are drawing from it are not only…

The (Death) Cult of PETA

While news of PETA’s activities so often results in people asking, “What happened to PETA?” and “When did it become so corrupt?” these questions, in light of PETA’s history, are misguided and misinformed. Nothing has happened to PETA.