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No Kill In Spite of the ASPCA

By Nathan & Jennifer Winograd In 2007, when Bullet, this man’s dog, fell ill, he…

The Real ASPCA Challenge

A Shell Game, Hush Money, and the ASPCA’s Motivated Blindness in Austin.

There is Truth and There is Untruth

The ASPCA lies about its involvement in Austin’s road to No Kill, threatening animals in other communities.

Bear Witness to the Ugly Truth

Cruel, sadistic pound staff chant “kill the kitty, kill the kitty” while rescuers are turned away.

The No Kill Flash Mob

Beginning November 23 at 6 pm ET and continuing over the holiday weekend when our posts are less likely to be deleted, please join us in a No Kill flash mob on the ASPCA facebook page. Please share.

A Blank Check

How much killing is acceptable to you? How many deaths are you willing to allow them before you draw the line?

The ‘Albatross’ About Our Necks

It is time for local humane societies and SPCAs to shake the dead weight of HSUS and the ASPCA from their necks… and pocketbooks.

The Ugly Racist Underpinnings of Pit Bull Laws

Although dogs pay the ultimate price, the discrimination in breed specific legislation is often aimed…

A Patently Unethical ‘Ethics’ Lesson

In response to a question about whether to adopt a cat from a No Kill…

A Capital City

With its commitment to animals in and increasingly out of shelters, Austin, TX, is truly one of the finest cities in America.