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Is HSUS Changing? And, If So, Into What?

A Look at HSUS’ Embrace of “Open” Adoptions.

Bear Witness to the Ugly Truth

Cruel, sadistic pound staff chant “kill the kitty, kill the kitty” while rescuers are turned away.

The Truth Will Out

I believe in telling the truth, however unpleasant it may be. Truth is a weapon and truth is armor. And given the strong, moneyed, and entrenched forces we must battle to achieve success, we need all the power and protection we can get.

They Killed Animals

Ah, that deceit should steal such gentle shape, And with a virtuous vizor hide deep…

Yes on Proposition 12

Californians are voting on several initiatives, one of which is Proposition 12. Prop. 12 “would…

A Patently Unethical ‘Ethics’ Lesson

In response to a question about whether to adopt a cat from a No Kill…

Just The Stats

New Website Demonstrates the Myth of Pet Overpopulation by Highlighting Success.

Our Eyes on the Real Prize

Reaching Higher and Why I Now Disown My Progeny, the 90% Rule

Is No Kill Going Mainstream?

Home 4 the Holidays, Just One Day, the Myth of Pet Overpopulation, the Six Freedoms, and the Million Cat Challenge in Context

Frankenstein’s Monster

Ed Sayres, the former president of the ASPCA, has been hired by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, an industry lobbying group that supports puppy mills and fights animal protection legislation to curtail the abuse and sale of puppy mill dogs. This news is no surprise.