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The most acclaimed book on animal shelters just got better. Redemption has been updated and expanded for 2009:

  • HSUS has been forced to modify its language and admit that pet overpopulation is a myth. But is it changing in deed as well as word?
  • Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, what if pet overpopulation is real? Does that change the calculus of killing?
  • Do shelter animals have a right to live?
  • How can we dismantle the killing paradigm?
  • Should we regulate shelters the way we regulate other institutions that have the power of life and death? And how?

Since its release in September 2007, Redemption has become the most critically acclaimed book ever written on its topic. The book has won five awards. It has been positively reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle (, Sacramento Bee, and over fifty newspapers nationwide. And it was named an Editor’s Choice must-read by The Bark magazine.

Not only has the book helped shift the national debate about killing, it is also playing a direct role in helping to transform communities. A shelter manager in Washington says the book completely changed her views and she is committing herself to saving all animals in her shelter. Another in Ohio reported that the book gave her the “conviction to move forward” with her No Kill ambitions. Yet another in Louisiana reported to her staff, “We’ve been doing it wrong, and we are going to start doing it right.”

After reading Redemption, county commissioners in an Indiana community succeeded in taking to No Kill a shelter that previously killed the vast majority of dogs and cats, often cruelly. As Redemption celebrates its continuing success, Tompkins County, New York, finished its seventh No Kill year, Charlottesville, Virginia, entered its third, and new communities like those in Reno, Nevada, entered the No Kill club. Other communities in other states have also embraced No Kill or are aggressively moving in that direction. No Kill is on the agenda of local governments nationwide as advocates in communities as diverse as Seattle, Washington, and Indianapolis, Indiana, are using Redemption and the model it advocates to force changes in the practices of local shelters.

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Awards: Best Book, USA Book News; Silver Medal, Independent Publisher’s Association; Best Book, Cat Writers Association of America; Runner-Up, Best Book, Eric Hoffer Award for Excellence in Publishing; Certificate of Excellence, Dog Writers Association of America.

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