Just One Day 2015

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If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then the path to No Kill begins with Just One Day. Every year on June 11, we ask shelters across the country to put down their needles and become No Kill for Just One Day. Roughly 13,000 animals are adopted, over 1,000 shelters and rescue groups come together, adopters welcome a new family member, the incinerators remain shuttered and the morgues stay empty. We erase more than one day’s worth of killing in the U.S. June 11 just may be the safest day for companion animals in shelters. And on June 11, 2015, we hope to do even better.

You can read more about  the Just One Day campaign by clicking here.

Click here to see what one shelter looked like at the end of the day.


Just One Day is a celebration of life for animals like the little dog in the photo above, adopted on June 11, who danced his way into a loving, new home.

Join the Just One Day campaign by pledging your shelter or rescue group by clicking here. The website contains free guides, press releases, resolutions, and more for your shelter or rescue group. You can also learn what more you can do as an individual.

Because if shelters can do it on June 11, they can also do it on June 12, 13, 14…


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